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So life has been pretty crazy lately. I started my college classes on monday, i don't see most of them being incredibly hard, except for French II. I don't remember a lot from last year. I only have class until 11 on tuesdays and thursdays, which gives me a bit of time to be with my boy. I kind of feel like i've been in work, school, theo mode lately, so I'm sorry if anyone feels neglected. We went to the beach last friday and got our hair cut. His looks the same, mine looks eh.
I don't miss the atmosphere of LHS at all, but I do miss the select few people I care about there. We all need to hang out, maybe for my birthday? Which is by the way in less than two weeks. And I have no ideas for that, so help me out, y'all.

I'll leave you with this pretty face.

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We're down to the final stretch. Last two weeks of summer, before I start full-time college classes. I'm not disappointed with how my summer has passed, but I wish I had done a few more things. I haven't been to the beach at all. But tomorrow I am going to Blizzard Beach with my sweetheart, so that counts I guess. I'm not incredibly excited to start classes, but at least my boy will be on the same campus with me. And a bunch more of my favorite people.

And I'm super in-love. And it is fabulous.
So, yesterday was pretty eventful. I went and saw Click with my family and Theo. It is not a comedy. It made me cry. Then I had my first bellydancing class. It was really nice, I actually did a form of exercise of my own free will. I am incredibly sore today, though.
I shaved part of my baby sister's hair, and dyed the rest blue. She's hardcore. I took her to see Rancid Tuesday night, which was slightly more fun than I expected, but not by much.
Today I spent most with my boy, and I just got back from chilling with the BFF LRNLOL! We took pictures in our underwear and braided each other's hair.
I'm unhappy about school beginning so quickly, but what are you gonna do?
I need to go to the beach soon.
Summer is practically over, and I haven't done much at all. I've been working and watching the news with my boyfriend all the time. I have class four days a week. And I know this school year is going to be tough. The whole atmosphere at pcc is completely different from high school, which is good and bad. I know very few people there, but at least the huge drama factor is eliminated. I'm worried about how things are going to be this year, taking all college classes and working 28 hours a week. I'm also questioning my future. Ever since my first year in french class, I wanted to do something language related, not teach, but maybe become a translator. At high school, I believed I had talent and was good at it, but next year I have to be in an independent study french class, and I am probably going to suck. The teacher is not like my high school teacher, not that I expected it, but I almost wish I had stayed there, so I could continue with French in an environment in which I was comfortable. Now I don't know what I want to be. All I want is to make enough money to drive a nice car and pay rent. I don't know. A lot is going on right now.

Jun. 29th, 2006

I had some fun night tonight. Dustin and I got pizza and almost got knifed by some ladies. Then we visited Theo at work and Dustin bought many useless and stale items. Then Dustin and I went to Wal-Mart and finally back to PC to wait for Theo. It was a good time.

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OH man. Tilly was AMAZING. I had three of my most favorite people with me, and I had a wonderful time. I wish the photobooth had worked, however..:sigh: Can't win them all.
I got to dance on stage for the last song, which was incidentally my favorite Tilly song, "Nights of the Living Dead." And we got pictures with Kianna and Jamie and I got Jamie to sign my bag.
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Jun. 23rd, 2006

I have an extra ticket to the Tilly and the Wall show tomorrow, so if anyone wants it, holla.

Jun. 10th, 2006

Waking up at 6:30 makes the day seem a lot longer.
I attempted to garage sail, but no one would go with me and it was really lonely by myself. I went to only like 5 sales and I didn't buy anything. This is probably a blessing in disguise, as I am running low on money and car space.
The rest of today is occupied by work, but tomorrow I get to BOWL OMG! Yeah it must be love if I allow him to bring me someplace where people throw 10 pound objects for fun. Almost sounds like exercise.
No work Monday, so I might kidnap LRN and ERN and take a journey only making left turns. JK! Me and Erin tried that, it only leads us in circles.
I kind of miss French class. I need to practice with Erin (C.) and Katrina, or I'm gonna lose my touch.
Emily comes home today, so never again will I face the bleak prospect of garage sailing alone.

P.S. Everyone look at my flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/julieface
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This is me and my best friends.

I love them more than life.

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So I dyed my hair red and cut my bangs. And also discovered some pictures from a while ago.

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My life has been pretty lovely lately, minus fite club and chemistry, which have been killing my soul lately. I'm happy with my boo, even if I am having trouble adjusting to being with someone I respect and who seems to respect me. It's something I think I could get used to, however. ;]

And I'm pretty much pumped for this summer. I want us all to take road trips and maybe go camping, and drive all over and all of us enjoy each other, forgetting the drama and everything. I do not know how plausible this idea is, but its nice to consider.
I bought tickets for Tilly & the Wall, so if anyone needs one, hollar. June 24.

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