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first entry in ten forevers

I was up all night downloading music I haven't listened to in years. You know, all those bands you like while you're growing and shifting from one reality to the next from girl to woman, from child to human worthy of opinions and from nothing to something.
Back when you don't care if the music is cool or not, or if they sold out, or if your friend likes them or if they are unknown and pretentious or just too popular.
You expect that it won't be as good as you remember, you don't trust your young self to like good music. However, you loved it for a reason.

May. 25th, 2007


I will be on my way here tomorrow.

My flight leaves in 22 hours.

The power is yours!

The power is yours!
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So how is everybody doing? My life is going pretty great right now, minus having no money.
I quit my job, and I have the most wonderful boy in the world as my lover.
I miss my friends from last year. People should call me.


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Like me some ducks.


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It's my birthday. Last night Theo took me out to eat and we saw Snakes on a Plane, which by the way sucked intensely. We went back to his house, and he fell asleep. I wish he hadn't been so tired, but it wasn't his fault.
Today I'm doing something with LRN but I don't know what yet.
I have so much homework to do this weekend. It isn't fair.

Aug. 28th, 2006

Only 6 days until I am 17. I took off Sunday, and I plan on doing something amazing with the people who mean most to me.
I already got my main birthday present, from which I am talking to you now. Macbook Pro! I'm a pretty lucky girl. I guess maybe my dad loves me a bit.
I had a pretty nice weekend with my boy. I wish I had more time for my friends. It just feels like I have school, work, and then like 5 minutes of free time, and if Theo is off too, I feel like any time not with him is wasted. Basically I suck.
I'm excited to be 17, even though it doesn't mean anything. It's basically just not 18 yet. At least I can see movies now.
I hate how I feel so overwhelmed and pissy sometimes. My life is at a record high, and I don't even enjoy it half the time.
Mac is so wonderful. I passed a car that had "FIXMYPC" as their license plate.
I also went to Disney world the other day.
I hate my incohesiveness in livejournal writing. I'm supposed to be a good writer.
Hit me up if anyone wants to chill for my bday.